Unleash your car's inner animal

Here at Total Mechanical Services we have a true passion for performance. With years of experience in the aftermarket and motorsport scene, we are happy to offer a large range of tuning services and performance products to fuel that very passion. It all starts with a conversation. Come in and let us know your ideas, and we will work with you to put that perfect performance package together.
We have partnered up with some of the best in high performance for your Volkswagen or Audi to offer services such as:
  • Engine and transmission tuning software.
  • Engine cooling, fueling, ignition, and lubrication modifications and products.
  • Intake and exhaust systems.
  • Turbo, intercooler, and catch-can upgrades.
  • High performance clutch and drivetrain products.
  • Big brake kits and performance braking upgrades.
  • Suspension kits; including a range of springs, dampeners, coilovers, bushings, sway bars, control arms, etc.
  • Lighting, body, and aero.
  • Wheels, tires, and alignment.
  • Custom fabrication.
  • And more…
For those who are just looking for a little more “umph”, Stage One software tuning is where it is at! Our Stage One package is designed to work with a completely stock, unmodified car. We will reprogram the engine control module to unleash the hidden power your car should have had from the factory. The best part…your VW or Audi will sound, operate, and feel as if nothing has changed. That is of course, until you put that pedal down! It is the perfect choice for those who want everyday driveability, and a little more fun on the weekend.

And for those who want to unleash the beast, ask about Stage Two…

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