COVID-19 Updated…

Since our last update we have eased into being open 5 days a week and having operations running a bit more normally. We have been and are accepting appointments for all types of service and maintenance so feel free to call us for anything you may need.

As we are in the office 5 days a week now please use the office number to contact us (519-942-9876) instead of the temporary cell number and e-mail system that was set up when we could not be here in person.

Everyone has continued to remain safe and healthy and adjusted to the new guidelines that are in place. We will continue to attempt to control the number of customers in the waiting room and keep that to a minimum out of respect for our clientele and employees. Most times when you book an appointment you will be the only client at that time.  As well to follow Public Health Orders in our area you will be required to wear a mask when entering the building.


It’s been a pleasure to have the co-operation of all our clients during the past few months and your understanding has made everything much easier for all of us here.

Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions.

During our quieter times we have researched and added in a new service to offer our clients that would like to have more “fun” with their vehicles.  We are now an official Eurodyne tuning dealer and are also now established with various suspension and performance companies.

We’ll be providing a lot more information very soon on this and will be adding a section to our website with detailed information.  If you wish to know more please give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk performance!

From all of us at Total Mechanical stay healthy and continue to be patient and thankful to all those that help us.

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At Total Mechanical we’ve always been committed to our roots in the vintage automotive world. Now, we’re expanding that commitment by offering a greater range of services, including conversions, custom repair and fine tuning for your classic Van, Bus and even your Beetle.

With more than a combined 100 years of hard-earned knowledge we have what it takes and the understanding to keep your passion
on the road.

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